I’m blessed mother of two grown children, lover of animals, nature and traveling, my desire to
bring something good in the world every day. I also work at radio station and donate to charity
projects. It’s a wonderful time for giving and sharing with people in my life.

My life will get busy at times, I love the moments when I can focus on the yarn running through my
fingers, into a repetitive motion, a movement that are as familiar and comfortable as any well-love
chase chair surround my beloved animals. Working on new projects, I feel the peace of magic times
when my mother and grandmother taught me to crochet, knitting and sewing at a very young age.

Inspired by family and life, my goal is to create comfortable and versatile designs, I love the idea to
share my creations with people all around the world. It makes the world feel smaller and connected
through my crafts and good vibes woven into every item.

Knitting and crocheting is a relaxing moment to myself.

Thank you for visiting my Little business, come back again
-Mimi Shill
Mimi and her Creations.
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